We are excited to announce that beginning next Wednesday, (May 6) our diocesan family will have the chance to gather for Bible Study.  We will gather on Wednesdays at 7 pm.  It will be led by our Bishop as well as other leaders from around our diocese.


As we continue to find new ways to come together, support one another and grow in our faith, our Bishop has told us that we need to look to the early church.  As we start our diocesan-wide Bible Study, will seek to deepen our understanding of what that means by reading the Book of Acts.


We will be using a format offered through InterVarsity which may be found here: https://intervarsity.org/bible-studies/acts-bible-study-index


We have settled on this format for several reasons:

  • Accessibility - It is online and easy to follow, and open to everyone; no previous study or expertise required!
  • Digging Deeper - It has a good inductive method that directs participants to the Biblical text.
  • People can work through it on their own, and reserve the Bible study sessions for discussion.
  • Focused – the texts chosen and questions for reflection invite us to consider our witness to friends, family, and neighbors.


As you consider the questions for discussion, remember that the curator specializes in campus ministry, please simply shift the context from campus ministry to your own churches, community and diocese. 


Let's go deeper in our faith as we consider how God is calling us to be innovative and adapt so that we may better proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Week 6 – Sent to be Truth-Speaking Witnesses (Acts 13)

  • June 10, 2020
  • Online

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